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All Purpose Stemware
16 OZ. Balloon Wine, 6 OZ. Wine Tasting, 9 OZ. All Purpose Wine

Weinland Stemware
27 OZ. Burgundy, 15 OZ. Wine/Goblet, 12 OZ. Wine, 5 OZ. Champagne Flute, 6 OZ. Champagne Flute, 16 OZ. Water

9 OZ. Tulip, 4 OZ. Coupe

Cocktail, Rocks, and Snifters
Hi-Ball, Old Fashion, Brandy Snifter, and Shooters.

Margaritas and Martinis
9 OZ. Margarita, 6 OZ. Martini, and 10 OZ. Martini 10 oz, 8 OZ. Cosmo

Signature Drinks
14 OZ. Moscow Mule, 12 OZ. Mason Jar

Dessert Glasses
8 OZ. Irish Coffee Mug

Glass Table Accessories
Deluxe Salt & Pepper, All Purpose Salt & Pepper, 4" Ashtray, 40 OZ. Decanter/Carafe

Let our staff assist you with all your glassware needs. Call (973) 575-1190

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