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Frequently Asked Questions


What information should I have handy when inquiring about a tent rental? Below are the main questions you'll be asked when you speak to your event consultant.

What's the date of the event?
Where is the event going to be located?
How many people are you trying to accommodate beneath the tent?
Are you expecting all of your guests to be seated at the same time?
Do you need any additional room for things like a bar, buffet, dance floor, DJ or band, sweetheart table, gift table, etc? These are all things that will take up additional square footage beneath the tent and will help us determine what size you'll ultimately need.
Is the tent going on grass?
If the tent is not going on grass, are we permitted to put holes in the ground for stakes?
How far from where the tent will be located is your nearest source of electricity?

What is your cancellation policy? In order to reserve anything, we require a 50% non-refundable, non-transferable deposit which guarantees the equipment for the date of the event. If the event gets cancelled , the deposit would be lost as the reserved equipment has been refused to other clients. If the event is cancelled within 72 hours of the event day, 100% of the rental would be due as not only has the equipment been refused to other clients but it's also been staged, double-checked and loaded on to a truck.

When do you deliver and pick up? Generally for most events that take place on a weekend, we try to deliver the Thursday or Friday prior to however depending on weather and the time of year, your rentals may arrive as early as the Wednesday prior to and be picked up as late as the following Wednesday.

What additional information should I know about my delivery/pickup?
If you're not renting a tent, all rentals must be kept and stored in a secure dry location. While we don't deliver inside homes, we can and prefer to deliver inside a garage as this keeps the equipment safe and dry. If you are renting a tent, all items will be neatly stacked beneath the tent and must be left in the same fashion for pickup.

All rentals must be kept dry to prevent damage. If items are left outside in the rain, this is considered neglegence which is not covered by our damage waiver and there will be repair/replacement costs assoicated with all soiled/damaged equipment.

All items non tent related will be stacked neatly inside a garage or covered area and must be stacked neatly in the same fashion they were delivered in order to alleviate any additional charges.

If there are any kind of stairs, a long distance from where the truck can park to where the items are going, or levels aside from ground, additional fees apply.

If the equipment is not ready for us to pick up when the truck arrives and we have to come back, an additional pickup charge will apply. This applies to deliveries as well is the site is not ready and we have to come back at a later time/date.

Do you have an order minimum? There is no order minimum for orders that our customers are picking up and returning however there are order minimums for deliveries. The order minimum to qualify for delivery is all based on location. Please inquire with your sales representative regarding what the minimum is for the location of your event.

If I'm renting dinnerware/glassware/flatware, do I need to wash everything when the event is over? All dinnerware, flatware, serving pieces or anything that comes in contact with food needs to be rinsed 100% clean of any food debris and placed back into the racks/crates the came in. Failure to do so will result in a cleaning fee.

If I'm renting linen, do I need to wash them when the event is over? All linen just needs to be shaken out of any debris and placed in the supplied laundry bag you received and we take care of the rest!

How far in advance should I book my event? We suggest as soon as your certain of a headcount to reserve sooner than later to guarantee availability of your rentals.

I rented items for the weekend but only used them for an hour. Do I get a discount? All of our equipment is charged for time out, not time used. When equipment is in the hands of one client, it's unable to be rented to another client.

I rented a Self-Install tent. Can you set it up for me or take it down for me? Self Install tents are not installed or removed by our crews. The tent must be down and placed back in the bags you received it in for pickup. If a self-install tent is still set up when we come to pick up your equipment, additional pickup fees will incur to come back out for a 2nd pickup.

I rented an item that uses propane and can't get it to light. What do I do? All equipment is tested and run through a cycle before it gets loaded onto a truck to guarantee it works before going to our customers. The items get tested again on delivery in front of our customer to show them how to properly operate the equipment. In the event that no one was on site to see the equipment in working order, please be patient when trying to ignite your equipment! It can take up to several minutes to light the pilot. If you still can't figure it out, please call our office and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.

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